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Introducing Robomow

Introducing Robomow

ROBOMOW #1 BEST FOR LARGE LAWNS AND ROUGH AREAS - The Telegraph, Saturday March 30th 2013. Read The Review

Come home to the perfect lawn with the easy to use Robomow® lawn mower! Its slogan "It mows. You don’t!" is perfectly suited to Robomow since that is exactly what it does. Unlike other lawn mowers therefore, Robomow mows the lawn for you. Do away with the hassle of using ordinary electric, manual, gas-powered or push lawn mowers and ride ons and try Robomow lawn mowers- you'll see that you'll never want to go back. It is simply the best lawnmower you can buy!

Robomow is renowned for being a leading provider of robotic lawn mowers capable of mowing any-sized lawn automatically, while you relax and spend your valued time doing something far more worthwhile. Tens of thousands of Robomows have been sold all over the world, making them one of the world's best selling robotic lawnmowers.

With ingenious technology and grasscycling techniques, this fully automatic and eco-friendly lawn mower is incredibly easy to use and wastes less energy than any other conventional lawn mower. Its grasscycling techniques not only eliminate the chore of manually collecting and removing the grass clippings, but also result in a healthier and better-looking lawn that will undoubtedly be envied by all of your neighbours.

Best Selling Items

Sherpa Utility Cart Large (+Free Liner worth £19.99)


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Sherpa Electric Tiller


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Sherpa Deluxe Multi Sprayer Cordless Powered Knapsack (Special Offer)


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ROBOMOW RS630-B MK2 with Bluetooth

New Products

Sherpa Deluxe 52cc Petrol Wheeled Trimmer


The STWT52 wheeled trimmer is designed to make easy work of strimming those larger
areas around the home and paddock. Its compact and lightweight construction makes it
easy to use and manoeuvre, and helps reduce fatigue. This wheeled trimmer makes light
work of those tasks that would be much more tiresome with a handheld trimmer.

Its powerful 52cc full crank engine delivers all the power you need, even for those more
demanding of tasks. With its large 16” cutting width, you can strim larger areas quicker,
and the heavy-duty clutch delivers optimum power to the cutting head.

To get the most of the machine the right wheel is slightly offset allowing you to easy navigate and cut up to the edge of an area and into the corners of those harder to reach. Designed for comfortable use, the handle height is adjustable and the ergonomic grips with easy throttle controls make this a truly versatile machine.

Pneumatic Tyres: The large pneumatic tyres make the trimmer easy to manoeuvre and greatly reduces vibration.

Full Crank Engine - The full crank engine delivers plenty of power with minimal vibration, better fuel efficiency and a longer engine life.

Ergonomic Handles - The bike-handle controls are specially designed to be comfortable to use with all the controls easily accessible.

Replaceable Head - The interchangeable cutter head can be changed effortlessly to fit an Oregon Jet Fit head.

Features of Sherpa Wheeled Trimmer STWT52:
* Large pneumatic wheels
* No lifting or carrying required
* Off-set right wheel to strim edges
* Super spin easy load head
* Cow horn control handles
* Large protective guard

Specifications of Sherpa Wheeled Trimmer STWT52:
* 52cc full crank 2-stroke engine
* Line diameter: 2.4 mm - 3 mm
* Cutting swath: 41 cm (16in)
* Wheel size: 32 cm
* Weight: 12.5 kg
* Handle length: 105 cm
* 1 year warranty

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Spare Collar for Sherpa Sprayer (SXMD16E)


Spare Collar for the towbar tube on a Sherpa Sprayer Handel

Fits : SXMD16E
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Base Station Front Wheel Guide Kit SPP7019A


Base Station Front Wheel Guide Kit SPP7019A

* For RC/TC/MC Models
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Robomow Floater Hanging Bracket


Robomow Floater Hanging Bracket
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Robomow GSM Module for RC / TC / RS / TS


Robomow GSM Module. This optional accessory will allow the robot to keep in touch with you. It can send you email messages and information while you are away from home.

Example: If the robot is unable complete a mowing cycle for any reason - for example, a fallen tree blocking its path or the built in Anti-theft system is activated - you will be notified immediately by email.

This Module also keeps track on the robots operational performance, sending data to the Robomow Server after each mowing session, so in the event you need to call support for help we will already be able to see how the robot has been performing. The settings on your robot will be accessible by the technician, we can then offer tailored advice and help quickly and efficiently, thus minimising downtime.

* Includes 3 years of communication data allowance
* For all models 2014 and onwards.
* NOTE: RC Models require Professional Installation by dealer
* RS Models can be installed by customers

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