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Introducing Robomow

Introducing Robomow

ROBOMOW #1 BEST FOR LARGE LAWNS AND ROUGH AREAS - The Telegraph, Saturday March 30th 2013. Read The Review

Come home to the perfect lawn with the easy to use Robomow® lawn mower! Its slogan "It mows. You don’t!" is perfectly suited to Robomow since that is exactly what it does. Unlike other lawn mowers therefore, Robomow mows the lawn for you. Do away with the hassle of using ordinary electric, manual, gas-powered or push lawn mowers and ride ons and try Robomow lawn mowers- you'll see that you'll never want to go back. It is simply the best lawnmower you can buy!

Robomow is renowned for being a leading provider of robotic lawn mowers capable of mowing any-sized lawn automatically, while you relax and spend your valued time doing something far more worthwhile. Tens of thousands of Robomows have been sold all over the world, making them one of the world's best selling robotic lawnmowers.

With ingenious technology and grasscycling techniques, this fully automatic and eco-friendly lawn mower is incredibly easy to use and wastes less energy than any other conventional lawn mower. Its grasscycling techniques not only eliminate the chore of manually collecting and removing the grass clippings, but also result in a healthier and better-looking lawn that will undoubtedly be envied by all of your neighbours.

Best Selling Items

Sherpa Electric Tiller


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Sherpa Utility Cart v2 Large (+Free Liner & Puncture Proof Tyres)


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Sherpa Deluxe Multi Sprayer Cordless Powered Knapsack (Special Offer)


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Sherpa Power Barrow


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New Products

Robomow Ground Loop for Demo Carpet

To stop problems with some demo carpets.
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Sherpa Bravo Optional Wheel Kit


Sherpa Bravo Optional Wheel Kit
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Sherpa Bravo Roughcutter Field Mower (Briggs)


The Sherpa Bravo Mulcher is a Rough Terrain Field Mower / Wheeled Brush Cutter. It is designed for grounds maintenance professionals and demanding home users alike. This machine is a doddle to use thanks to its simple controls, which make for safe operation and easy handling.

Bravo is ideal for tackling overgrown verges, ditch banks, site clearance and other overgrown rarely-attended areas. The robust heavy gauge open-front mower deck prevents clogging and the Oregon mulching blade system makes the cutting and clearing of long, thick grass, saplings and other vegetation quick simple and safe.

This machine is suitable for maintaining orchards and paddocks and will half the cutting time compared to using a high powered hand held brush cutter - making light work of jobs which can seem like a never-ending task.

Low maintenance and built to last all-steel construction and heavy duty worm-drive transmission giving traction to the large pneumatic tyres, gives enhanced grip and control on difficult land.

Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 850 Professional Series engine for effortless starting, the Bravo Mulcher handles rough areas quickly and reliably. Featuring a user friendly Roto-Stop system that allows the operator to stop the blade without stopping the engine.

The handlebars fold forward, thus reducing the overall foot-print and room needed for storage; this makes it ideal for fitting into vans for transporting between Jobs.

Versatile, the Bravo runs on skid bars helping you to keep running in straight lines on slopes and inclines. An optional height adjustable front Wheel is available (as an optional accessory) for use in tight areas when greater manoeuvrability is required.

Ideal for: Estates, local authorities, Contactors, Hire Shops

Special features for Sherpa Bravo Roughcutter Field Mower
* Durable and high-powered engine
* Freewheel for easy manipulation
* High quality oregon blade
* Support frame for precise leading
* Support wheel
* Adjustable handlebar for easy transport
* Big air tyres
* Worm-wheel gearbox

Specification for Sherpa Bravo Roughcutter Field Mower
* Briggs & Stratton 850 series engine
* 190cc
* Torque 11.5Nm
* Working Width: 55cm
* Oregon Cutting Blade
* Working Height 3.5cm
* Power Drive: Yes
* Speed 2.4 km/h
* Propeller: Belt
* Weight 73kg
* 2 Year Warranty
Barcode / EAN: 8592189000350
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Sherpa Paddock Master Roughcutter Drum Mower (Briggs)


From Sherpa Tools, the Paddock Master 950 Vario Special Purpose Drum-Mower. This High powered machine is equipped with the latest Briggs & Stratton 950 engine for easy starting and delivery constant power. This model also features variable speed drive (VARIO) allowing you to match the seed of drive to the job in hand. The Paddock Master uses Swing Blades connected to a rotating drum and is especially well suited for mowing long grass and vegetation up to 1.5m of height - without risk of blocking or clogging.

The rotating disc is equipped with six swing blades, that slide out of the way is an obstacle is struck - this prevents damaging the engine. The Paddock Master is also equipped with a simple adjustable ergonomic handlebar with quick-fold lever. This enables easy storage and transport (the folded machine would fit in a car boot). Large chevron tyres enable easy penetration through rough overgrown terrain and full-differential-freewheel enables light and easy turning on the spot.

The Paddock Master is smooth and easy to handle, whilst Low Vibration operation makes the Sherpa Paddock Master a great alternative to traditional scythe or flail mowers in a compact powerful package.

Special Features Sherpa Paddock Master Roughcutter Drum Mower:
* Rotary Swing blades, slide inside when hitting an osbtacle
* Override Lever for one-hand operation of the machine
* Aero-Cover for cutting long grass or Crops; blades shrouded for safety

Specification Sherpa Paddock Master Roughcutter Drum Mower:
* Durable and high-powered B&S Engine
* Variable speed
* Freewheel for easy Transport
* Robust folding handlebar with vertical height adjustment
* High-quliaty long life worm-wheel gearbox Drve
* Aerodynamic cover for cutting long grass or Crops
* Rowing wimple
* Large Controls for comfortable handling
* Rotary Swing Blades Suitable for durability and safty
* Suitable for mowing vegetation up to 1,5m of height Including saplings and self-seeded tree species

Technical Details Sherpa Paddock Master Roughcutter Drum Mower:
* Engine Briggs and Stratton 950 series
* Displacement 223 cm3
* Engine type 4-stroke OHV
* Torque 12.88 Nm
* Fuel tank 1,1 litre
* Working width 640 mm
* Cutting height 35 mm
* Self-propelled Yes
* Speed 2,0 - 3,7km/h
* Weight 65 kg
* Blades 6
* Wheel dimension 338 x 91 mm
* Starting: Manual
* 1 Year Warranty
Barcode / EAN: 8592189068008
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Robomow Deck Chair


Sit back and relax in this wooden deck chair and enjoy the Sun while your Robomow cuts the Lawn

With a bright Yellow fabric and Robomow Logo design, this sturdy deck chair is a great addition to any garden or outdoor space.
The deck chair's easy fold mechanism makes it ideal for storage and transportation.

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ROBOMOW Base Station Accessory Kit for RS/ TS / MS


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